like sweet serendipity
(21) her heart is a secret garden, the walls are very high; and her soul? just a hard soul to save with an ocean in the way. Someday, Someone is going to look at her like she's the best thing in the world. Someday, Someone will be attracted to her because of details: her kindness, her eyes, her smile. Someday, she will be attracted to Someone, to the fact that Someone can get her to laugh when she need it most.
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Happy b-day, Seva! #vscocam (presso Furore)
@caiazzomarica, devo dire cosa sei?! 😁 (presso Lido delle Sirene)
500 Spider, ti soffro! (presso Amalfi, Italy)
Il 17 Agosto a San Lazzaro. (presso San Lazzaro)
Le sirenette :3 (presso Lido delle Sirene)
La fessa. (presso Furore Amalfi)
Ti rendi conto che è veramente tragica quando… (presso Lido delle Sirene)
Same place, new readings. #vscocam